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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

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BC landlords are waking up to the fact you need to screen tenants carefully to avoid renting to the “pro tenants” out there.

Sure there are a lot of great tenants out there. However, times have change and it’s important for landlords to protect themselves, their properties and their wallets.In the past you could rely on a handshake with tenants before you handed over the keys. Oh, those were the days!

Experienced BC landlords know there are lots of great people looking to rent safe and affordable properties from friendly and professional small landlords and also lots of not so good tenants who can end up costing you thousands of dollars in losses and months of stress.

It’s up to you to make sure you find good tenants and rent to them. And you now have the services and tools you need to identify good tenants, avoid the bad tenants out there, and become a successful BC landlord for an incredible low price.

Lots of Great Tenants, And Some Others You Need To Avoid

Landlords across British Columbia are still shocked at how a couple of serial bad tenants managed to rip off so many landlords in a short period of time.

They eventually paid one of the landlords what they avoid to avoid jail time, but there are still lots of landlords who they owe money to and the legal process for B.C. landlords seeking justice is slow and stressful.

You Can’t Get Blood From a Stone

This old saying applies for BC landlords.

If you rent to bad tenants who don’t pay rent and rip you off you will have to go to court to try to get your money back.

Canada doesn’t have debtors prisons and if your ex-tenants don’t have any money you won’t see a cent.

This is why it’s important to run tenant credit checks and rent to good tenants and avoid all the hassles of chasing bad tenants who will never pay you the rent they owe and you will never be fully paid for the stress they gave you!

Why Do BC Landlords Rent to Bad Tenants?

There is an excellent article at the Globe and Mail on this topic.

The Globe interviewed Rochelle Johannson who is a lawyer who deals with landlord and tenant disputes.

According to Rochelle too many small landlords base their decision on who to rent to on whether they “like the person or not.”

Too many landlords rely on their “gut feeling” and don’t verify what the people who want to rent your rental property say.

Even when some landlords do a bit of digging they often don’t do it the right way.

Calling a reference the renter gives you might be a friend acting as a former landlord or former employer. They will tell you lies to help their pal rent from you…and rip you off!

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Fighting Your Landlord Brings…An Eviction Notice?

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

June 22nd, 2012

Who Received an Eviction Notice?

Sue Collard is chair of the Whalley/City Centre chapter of controversial low-income advocacy group ACORN Canada. Collard was a former building manager at Kwantlen Park Manor and is now a tenant there.

Why is this Newsworthy?

It’s getting media attention because of who the landlord is and the timing of the eviction notice.

Who is the Landlord?

The landlord is Gurdyal Signh Sahota and his company called “Waterford Developments.”

In March, the BC Residential Tenancy Branch gave a $115,000 administrative penalty — the first of this type of penalty — against the owner Gurdyal Singh Sahota and his company Waterford Developments.

The May 15 deadline passed last month, and Sahota hasn’t been paid and the roof hasn’t been fixed.

On May 31, Collard and three other tenants occupying front-facing second-floor suites received letters ordering them to move out by July 31 because the landlord needed to do necessary repairs.

The Landlord has Begun to Do Repairs.  What’s the Issue?

Because Collard is very angry.  She states:

“Despite the number of large headlines that the province is taking action against scofflaw landlords, well, they’re still scoffing.”

Collard continues:

“Despite the number of large headlines that the province is taking action against scofflaw landlords, well, they’re still scoffing.”

Collard also says:

“I am now left wondering about the complete and utter grotesque absurdity of the entire process.”

“They have not paid the fine, not done the work, now they are issuing notices and so far, the only thing the province is doing is ‘negotiating,’” she said.

What Does the “Fine” have to Do with Evicting To Fix Things?

A spokeswoman for the housing ministry said no one at the Residential Tenancy Branch was available to be interviewed.

“The Residential Tenancy Branch is still in discussions with the landlord,” said an emailed statement from the BC ministry. “We can’t comment on the specifics while negotiations are underway.”

Payment of the penalty is “on hold” while an agreement is negotiated, the email said.

What is Collard Doing Now?

Collard is disputing the eviction notice and has a hearing scheduled Thursday.

Isn’t this Kind of Like “Extortion?”  Using the ‘Fine’ to try to Take Control and Avoid Evictions?

Many people agree with you.  Let’s see what happens.