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B.C. Landlord Fined for Renting Her Garden Shed

December 26th, 2012


A B.C. landlord has been fined $500 for renting out a garden shed to a homeless couple and their 3 dogs

Renting Out Their Shed?

It sounds unbelievable but it actually happened. It’s like a strange story you would see on television.

Where Did This Happen in B.C.?

It happened in Kelowna. A woman rented out her shed to a homeless family with three dogs.

Was She Actually Charging For It?

Yes. Rent was set at $200/month. The unit was supplied with electricity via a power cord to the landlord’s house.

How Long Was the Family Living There?

Bylaw officers are not sure. However they warned the landlord renting her shed out was not legal accommodation and the arrangement would have to end.

Did the Landlord Comply?

No. The landlord ignored the warning according to city of Kelowna spokesperson Stephen Fleming.

What Type of Shed Was It?

The spokesperson described it as a typical shed you would put out in your garden. It was metal. He made clear it was not a suitable place for a family to be living in.Not only is it a huge fire hazard, it’s also not winterized to handle the rapidly falling temperatures we are facing. No insulation, no central heating, nothing.

What’s Going To Happen to the Renters?

Fleming said the renters won’t be blamed. And he said the landlord could easily rent the family a room in her own house. Or they would help the family find a shelter that accepts pets. There are also rent banks available in British Columbia.

What’s Going to Happen to the Landlord?

The landlord was fined. We recommend is she wants to be a landlord she needs to seriously consider either renting out rooms in her house or buying an investment property. She can hire professional property managers to avoid issues with bylaw officials.

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