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Police Investigate Possible Revenge Arson Against Landlord

September 1st, 2012

What Happened?

A possible landlord-tenant dispute may have led to a vehicle blaze on Monday morning.

Sounds Horrible!

At around 3:45 a.m., RCMP and Kamloops Fire Rescue were called to the Colonial Arms apartment building on Yew St. off Tranquille Road where a 1990 Ford Bronco had been set on fire.

The 2004 Chrysler Sebring parked alongside it was also damaged from the extreme heat and huge flames.

Both vehicles belonged to the building’s landlord, according to police.

Did Firefighters Act?

Firefighters quickly extinguished the vehicles, one of which was destroyed. Fortunately, there was no damage to the building.

Where there any Witnesses?

A witness told police he heard someone banging on the landlord’s door yelling that her truck was on fire.

The witness also reported seeing an older 1990s, red and maroon station wagon with wood paneling parked in the Salvation Army parking lot with the lights off. When tenants began streaming out of the building, the vehicle turned around and drove north on Tranquille Road with no lights on.

What’s Happening Now?

Police patrols were unable to locate the station wagon.

RCMP and fire officials are investigating the origin of the fire and anyone who may have been in a dispute with the landlord.

What a Horrible Tenant!

Yes.  This is why it’s important for landlords to screen carefully.  It’s also interesting that radical tenant groups only want to vilify landlords and ignore problems when tenants go bad.

BC landlords need to be careful.



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