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Landlord Lends A Helping Hand to Tenants In a Bind

August 3rd, 2012


We Need More Media Coverage on All the Great Landlords Out There!

Media Coverage Showing Landlords In a Good Light?


You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

The published story isn’t in British Columbia and was covered by the Alberta media.

What Happened?

A couple from Ontario decided to pack up and move to Calgary for a better quality of life and more opportunity.  Unfortunately the moving company screwed up and sent all their personal belongings to British Columbia.  It’s now going on weeks that the couple haven’t had their things.

For Weeks? How Are they Getting By?

Moving is already expensive enough. And the moving company says it will take more time before their belongings can be delivered.  The couple are purchasing the most important things they need such as cutlery from the local dollar store.  One of the biggest problems they face is there mattresses are still in B.C.

Mattresses are Expensive

Fortunately the couples’ landlord is helping the couple. The landlord has even lent the couple mattresses!

Great Landlords!

Yes. This is just one example of what landlords all over Canada do regularly. Tenants are our customers and while we need to make sure they follow the rules and laws, helping tenants and often ‘giving them a break’ on things like paying rent late or adding special features to our rental properties is a regular part of our industry.

Except the Media Ignores It

All we usually see are scathing articles on houses in disrepair, the need for rent control, and eye-catching headlines such as “Landlords Fined!

We ask the media to recognize there are thousands of great landlords out there. Let’s get their stories out to the public.

To read more about this story, visit the Alberta Landlords Association.





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