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Prince Rupert LandLord – Let My Tenant Nightmare Be a Warning to Other Landlords

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

December 1st, 2012


 A Prince Rupert Landlord Has A Warning For All British Columbia Landlords After Her Rental Property Has Been Left In a Shambles

This is a a story all BC landlords should read. It’s a ‘wake-up’ to make sure you conduct proper tenant screening.

Okay, Tell Me What Happened

A Prince Rupert landlord is facing thousands of dollars in losses due to bad tenants. The landlord is issuing a warning to others to make sure they do thorough tenant screening before handing over the key to their property.

The landlord says:

“I think a lot of people have had a similar situation happen, but haven’t wanted to speak about it.”

She continued by saying:

“If you have new tenants, you could be in for a surprise.”

It’s a warning this landlord hopes other landlords listen to. She says “be careful of who you rent to.” We’ve seen this warning before.

What Type of Shape Was the Property In Before the Tenants Moved In?

The 2-story rental house was renovated before being rented out. It was in terrific condition. It even had all new appliances.

What Did The Tenants Do?

After two years of living there, the tenants left the place in a shambles. This is why the landlord wants to warn others.

What Were the Damages?

The damages to the rental property were extensive. They include:

1. The Appliances

All the new appliances were destroyed. Totally unsalvageable. The dishwasher leaks water. The two year old stove has had all the wires ripped out. The refrigerator won’t keep anything cool.

2.  The Walls

Paint is chipped off everywhere. There are holes in the drywall. Even the light switches have been torn off.

3. Mould

The fan in the bathroom was ripped down and now mould is growing all over.

4. Electricity and Wiring

With wires being torn out, only half of the house has working electricity. It could have been caused by the tenants having a grow op.

5. Odours

Despite the lease saying the house was a ‘no smoking’ rental, the tenants smoked inside. The whole house now reeks of old cigarette smoke.

And added with all these damages, the tenants left owing $1,300 of rent.

It’s Horrendous!

Yes. The landlord says it’s terrible what they did.

What Does the Landlord Want to Say to Other BC Landlords?

The landlord want to tell other landlords to make sure they do proper tenant screening, including credit checks. If someone wants to rent your house, vet them thoroughly.

And if you are a landlord you have to know the laws and the rules and make sure you keep tabs on your tenants and make sure they aren’t destroying your home. If you don’t have the time to do this make sure you hire a terrific property management company.


The Warning Is Loud and Clear. Avoid Your Own Tenant Nightmare By Doing Proper Tenant Screening and Seek the Advice From Professionals If You Need Help. Discuss This And Other Landlord Issues On the BC Landlords Forum.

Half of All Canadian Tenants Under 35 Don’t Have Renters Insurance

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

September 21st, 2012

No Renters Insurance Leaves Young People Vulnerable!

According to a poll by TD Insurance over half the renters in Canada under the age of 35 don’t have renters insurance, aka ‘tenants insurance.’

What Are the Consequences of No Insurance?

This is leaving young people vulnerable to losing thousands of dollars due to theft or accidents.

Why Don’t Young Tenants Want to Be Protected?

It”s all about some myths that exist in Canada, says Dave Minor.  Minor is the VP of TD Insurance.

Minor wants these myths debunked.

Myth #1  Affordability

Minor says many renters simply believe they can’t afford insurance.

According to Minor, liability coverage for $1-million ($500 deductible) will cost tenants only approximately $150 for an entire year.

That works out to about $12 dollars/month.

Myth 2  “It Will Never Happen to Me”

The second myth, Minor states, is many tenants think accidents and theft won’t happen to them.

This is untrue because in reality, damages to the property, frozen pipes, etc. are common.  Fires and other tragedies happen.

What Can Landlords Do?

With over 25% of British Columbia landlords renting out some part of their homes, encourage your tenants to get insurance.

To discuss this topic, join the British Columbia Landlord forum.


To tenants all over Canada, whether you are in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa or another place,  renters insurance isn’t expensive and protects you from problems that can happen to you.  Make sure you protect yourselves.