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BC Landlord Issues Warning to Barrie Ontario Landlords

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

October 15th, 2012


Living in Duncan, BC, With a Rental Property In Barrie, Ontario, a Landlord Says Be Careful When Hiring a Property Management company!

If She Is In BC, Why the Warning for Barrie, Ontario?

You see, while she now lives in BC her rental property is in Barrie. It was her home before she and her family moved to British Columbia for a new job.

Rather than sell the house, she decided to rent it out.

Sounds Like a Good Investment Strategy

She has a very serious warning for landlords.

Here is Her Story

A New Job and a New Start

After living in Barrie for more than 18 years, her family went to British Columbia for new jobs.  She hired a a large property management company to handle the renting out of her Barrie, Ontario house. Since she and her family would be in British Columbia, it was important to have a reputable company take care of the property and make sure it was safe and legal.

Becoming a New Landlord and the Problems with the Property Management Company

She decided to hire this PM company because they said they offered full service care to create a worry free feeling for the landlord. The landlords experience was very different than what was advertised. She knew how dangerous it was to become a landlord and not be ready for bad tenants.

The property management company rented to tenants with a very bad credit check, lots of evictions in the past, and who were even known by the police there!

After complaining to the property management company, they gave the landlord 30 days notice and washed their hands from putting a bad tenant into the rental unit.

Dealing with Bad Tenants From the Other Side of the Country

Working from the other side of the country the landlords finally got an eviction notice, without any help from the former property management company.  Then, right before the eviction the government stepped in and paid the rent for the bad tenants.

This mean… still no eviction.

The Tenants Were on Ontario Works, aka “Welfare”

That landlord says that her tenants are funded by Ontario Works. They were known to the police. They don’t pay any rent or utilities.  She says they won’t even cut the lawn. And the eviction process starts again.  Unfortunately, the landlord couldn’t find the help she really needed.

The Landlord and Her Family Are Now In An Extremely Difficult Situation

With now over $8,000 in legal fees the landlord asks who will help her family pay the bill? Her family is near bankruptcy.


Landlords, this is an excellent warning if you have rentals in other provinces., especially anti-landlord, pro-bad tenant provinces such as Ontario.

October 1st, Time to Collect Rent and Time for Fire Safety!

Monday, October 1st, 2012

October 1st, 2012

Collect the Rent…and Check the Smoke Alarms

On the first of the month every landlord in British Columbia expects rent to be paid.

This is also an excellent time to make sure your rental property is up to the fire code.

Landlords need to be very careful of tenant issues, especially when it comes to fire safety.  Look what happened to an Ontario landlord.

Talk to your tenants, be a team, and make sure your properties are safe.  Avoid tenants from hell.

After all, all small business landlords want to create healthy homes.  And BC landlords are an amazing charitable group, like Albert landlords.

Vancouver, Surrey and other British Columbia landlords, understand the fire code and make sure the smoke alarms are working in your rental property and avoid landlord legal problems.