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Vancouver Tenant – Get Rid of the Pigeon Poop

November 16th, 2012


A tenant in North Vancouver Says His No One Is Taking His Concern Over Pigeon Poop Seriously

What’s the Situation?

A tenant living in a rental property in North Vancouver states his landlord is not dealing with the inches of poop lying outside of his window from pigeons.

How Bad Is It?

The tenant, Michael Ravenscroft, says it has now become more than three inches deep.  And it’s right outside of his window.

What’s Ravenscroft Done to Fix The Situation?

He complained to the property management firm running his building.  He says they did nothing to help.

What Next?

He sent a complaint fo the health department.  For over a month no one even contacted him.

According to Ravenscroft, no one is taking his issue over the pigeon poop seriously enough. This isn’t an issue about pets, he said.  Instead is a biohazard issue.

When Did He Fist Become Concerned?

Ravenscroft said he originally smelled a foul smell outside of his apartment. The problem was that no matter how hard he cleaned the smell wouldn’t go away.

When Did He Find Out the Cause of the Odour?

Eventually, he saw outside his window there were some shafts. In those shafts were a huge coating of not only pigeon feces, but also decomposing bones.

Is This Common?


Pigeons find building an ideal place to make their nests. And they are also know to carry some diseases which can be picked up by people. While it’s not commons pigeon poop can carry serious diseases spread simply by breathing in the odours.

What Does The Government Say?

The Health Officer for Environment matter said there is more risk for people when cleaning the feces rather than only living beside the mess.

The Health Officer met with the property management company and he was assured the mess would be cleaned up, thus avoiding any conflict with the tenant.

What Does the Property Management Company Say?

The property management company is called Living Balance. They are aware of the problem and preparing to clean up the problem. It’s important property management companies offer professional landlord services.

Is This A Common Problem in Vancouver?

According to a company that protects buildings from birds, it’s a common problem.


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