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October 1st, Time to Collect Rent and Time for Fire Safety!

October 1st, 2012

Collect the Rent…and Check the Smoke Alarms

On the first of the month every landlord in British Columbia expects rent to be paid.

This is also an excellent time to make sure your rental property is up to the fire code.

Landlords need to be very careful of tenant issues, especially when it comes to fire safety.  Look what happened to an Ontario landlord.

Talk to your tenants, be a team, and make sure your properties are safe.  Avoid tenants from hell.

After all, all small business landlords want to create healthy homes.  And BC landlords are an amazing charitable group, like Albert landlords.

Vancouver, Surrey and other British Columbia landlords, understand the fire code and make sure the smoke alarms are working in your rental property and avoid landlord legal problems.


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