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Welcome Saskatchewan Landlords and Manitoba Landlords!

July 7th, 2012

It’s very important for small private residential landlords to have a voice.

With vacancy rates dropping in Canada and house prices rising, it’s easy for governments to target small landlords and view us as the ‘problem’ to be over-regulated and taxed instead of what we really are: the solution. And to be respected.

We are private entrepreneurs using our valuable time and risking our money to create a majority of the high quality, economical rental units on the market.

As providers of the majority of high quality economic rental units throughout Canada, it’s important we stand up for our landlord rights and interests.

The BC Landlords Association warmly welcomes the Saskatchewan Landlords Association and the Manitoba Landlords Association and thanks the hundreds of volunteers who have put their time and energy into these associations.

We also thank the Ontario Landlords Association for leading the way in getting honest and truthful help for small landlords instead of the usual sales tale and “I”m protecting you!” B.S. from “gurus”, legal representatives and property managers who don’t always tell the whole story.

We also welcome the Nova Scotia Landlords Association in the East.

Things are changing and small business landlords are understanding how important we are in our provincial economies and that by creating a unified voice we will not longer be silent.

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